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DILEMMAS (Goals-in-Tension) THINKING
- A critical organizational competency -

Dilemmas Thinking focuses on on-going approaches that maximize the benefits of both sides of a dilemma while minimizing the drawbacks of pursuing either side alone. They can be thought of as Goals-in-Tension.

WHAT ARE DILEMMAS A dilemma is a pair of apparently mutually exclusive goals both of which are highly valuable to the organization. This tension can be valuable or destructive.


OUTCOMES Outcomes and Products

PROCESS Our approach to managing dilemmas within your organization

DIAGRAMS Diagrams enable us to make connections and handle complexity.

VIDEOS We've created two short videos to make Dilemmas come to life. People often say after watching the videos - "Oh that's what you mean. Why we face dilemmas all the time in our business."

DILEMMA RESOURCES Papers, diagrams, websites

Dilemmas when poorly managed, are a major source of organizational conflict.
Dilemmas when well managed, are a major organizational strength

"We frequently worked with the seventeen member group of distinct personalities well into the evening. Your calm demeanor, good humor and ability to help the group focus on issues rather than each other was invaluable."

William Meyer, Supervisor, and
Jody London, Project Manager,
California Public Utilities Commission



If unmanaged dilemmas are creating problems in your organization, we would be delighted to consult with you to develop the understanding and skills needed in your organization to manage dilemmas for competitive advantage.