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Geoff Ball & Associates provides faciliation services based on thirty-five years of experience

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Users Guide to Facilitation

Basics of Facilitation

Some Facilitation Applications

A review from the field .. May 23,2013

"During my 2l year tenure as a superintendent in Santa Clara County, Geoff has been the best facilitator with whom I have worked. ln the area of developing positive relationships, Geoff was excellent at bringing a diverse group of individuals working together toward a common goal.

In dealing with a contentious task, we were able to motivate all parties toward a common win-win conclusion in spite of the individual differences. The individuals on the committee were strong willed and highly accomplished in the private sector, but Geoff was still able to guide the group to consensus.

"His style is one of inclusion. He has strengths of relating well to others, positivity, honesty, approachability, integrity, excellent listening skills, and a great sense of humor.

"lf I were to have a need for a facilitator, I would call Geoff first. He is awesome.

In summary Geoff is one of the best people with whom I have ever worked.

If you would like any further information, please contact me."

Barry Groves, Ed.D. Superintendent, Mountain View. Los Altos Union High School District, Mountain View, California

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Retreats, Key Meetings & On-going Processes

For example: Senior team planning; key project meetings; complex meetings among working groups; start up meetings for new organizations; process design for complex interactions.

Team Building & Coaching for Individuals

For example: City councils & school board team building.
And a neutral listener and process coaching for a manager.with special emphasis on
Building Smarter Work Groups- focusing on the working group to build capability to work together.

Conflict Resolution & Consensus Building

For example: Community & organizational controversies; government rule making; partner conflicts; between individuals and departments; multi-party conflict resolution.

Priority Setting & Strategic Planning

For example: Capital project priority setting; goal setting/ visioning; writing a strategic plan.


Generating Opportunities by Managing Goals in Tension (Dilemmas)


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Article - Dilemmas thinking-Context for Conversation

Article - Graphic Facilitation Focuses a Group

Resources in Support of our Work:
Faciitation Tools:Using graphics with groups; Using technology support;
Frameworks: Goals in tension - Dilemmas;
Real-to-Life™ Videos to convey the subtlety of interactions and processes: Videos on Dilemmas
Links to other's websites: Resources on the Web